The EspaiZero project arose from the desire to create a self-sufficient energy- based . It aims to show how, by applying a series of energy saving measures , renewable and efficient automation system that managed correctly, you can get the energy consumption of zero energy balance.
The building was chosen taking into account orientation parameters and possibility of implementation of passive and active methods of improving energy efficiency. The remodeling project was placed carefully in use all the features of their surroundings and get construction provided a venue that consume the least possible energy. Integration with the environment and its use is key to achieving this.
It has placed particular emphasis on giving it all and some experimental applicable for improving energy efficiency known systems. These systems can significantly reduce the energy demand of EspaiZero paving the way to self-sufficiency. Reducing consumption is key to addressing the self- generation, as resources to generate power at our disposal were unlimited.


Address: C/Bòsnia, 6-8, 17800, Olot, Girona
Telephone: 972 26 93 01