The city of Olot is ideal for taking a stroll, full of enchanting nooks and crannies, and a good starting point for many signposted trails. There is a regional network of trails Itinerànnia, which revives historic roads that linked villages in the regions of El Ripollès, La Garrotxa and L’Alt Empordà. There are also trails through theGarrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. We recommend trails No. 3 and No. 17, which go past different attractions in the city.
Another good way to discover the Garrotxa is by bike. One of the best biking trails is the Carrilet Greenway, a trail that follows the old railway route from Olot to Girona (54 km). The trail starts in Olot at Sant Roc Spring, sloping gently upwards from Olot (440 m) to Girona (70 m). The Carrilet Greenway, with a height difference of 1.5%, is a low difficulty trail. There are also other signposted trails in Garrotxa that stem from the Greenway, enabling the region to be explored by bike.
One of the most unique sites to visit when in Olot is the Municipal Athletics Stadium, next to the Greenway, where athletics and sports like rugby are practised. The stadium was designed by the RCR architects (FAD Award Winners), defined by their ongoing mission to integrate their works into the surrounding landscape.
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