Dining establishment.

The proposals offer are rooted in the land and the landscape around us. So we started a research task and recovery of traditional orchard area. We work with a particular view, the products themselves Garrotxa : buckwheat, potato Vall d’en Bas, corn, poultry flock, ducks and chickens – Santa Pau beans, the ratafía, the roulade Olot, pork and sausages, wild river trout, snails, wild boar, truffles, chestnuts, turnips, mushrooms, herbs and flowers.
We want to offer something intimate and familiar language but with today. We like the glorification of humble products have the nature and landscape as inspiration, reinterpret and adapt the products of the earth and its environment, the presentation or play on an empty space of the dish, the contrast tradition / art. The same philosophy that inspired the architectural renovation of the restaurant is what inspires our kitchen.


Address: Mas Les Cols – Ctra. de la Canya, s/n, 17800, Olot, Girona
Telephone: 972 26 92 09