Nonprofit association that represents restaurants and catering guild.

The Association of Garrotxa Lodge , founded in 1977, is a non -profit organization with more than twenty percent unionized establishments. An entity that represents establishments catering and hospitality industry: restaurants, hotels, bars, cafés, caterers and specialty food shops, the various municipalities of La Garrotxa.
The association aims to promote the association and teamwork through conducting various activities to promote the participation of its unionized . On the other hand, defend the interests of all employers in the sector to government. Also signed agreements with suppliers for better conditions for the associated training courses organized based on the needs of the sector, creating synergies with other associations and organizations to create joint and one of the functions most important, it promotes Garrotxa organizing various events related to food . It also collaborates with various fairs and actions related to the kitchen and the product , in order to present the country with one of the main attractions of the region, the landscape and nature.


Address: Av. Onze de Setembre, 22, 17800, oloot, Girona
Telephone: 972 27 49 00