Route 1: Volcano of the Bisaroques, is a circular itinerary on foot, of low difficulty, of about 8.2 km of length and 200m of unevenness accumulated (approx. 2,15 hours). The route is signposted in the network of local trails of Itinerànnia (flags with green tip). The point of departure and arrival of this route is the Pont de les Moras, place with great ease of free parking.
The itinerary allows climbing to the volcano of Bisaroques de Olot, located in the north flank of the basaltic plateau of Batet. The panoramas on the Upper Garrotxa and the Pyrenees are impressive. Finally, the route follows a section of the river Fluvià, in particular the area of Las Tries, and its source with its 4 abundant jets of water.