Its contents focus on the presentation of the physical environment of the Garrotxa, affecting, on the one hand, seismic and vulcanological phenomena and, on the other, in the main ecosystems of the region.
Understanding the geological nature of the earth and the causes of earthquakes and volcanoes, and what are the main characteristics of volcanism in our country are the objectives of the first part of the route. The second part is dedicated to explaining, through very graphic dioramas, the main ecosystems of the Garrotxa. In addition to knowing how riverside forests, beech forests, oak groves, holm-oaks, non-wooded areas and urban environments, there is a wide variety of animal and plant species that inhabit them.
The exhibition is complemented by an audio-visual installation that tells us about the seismic and volcanic activity of the area, in which the visitor can experience the simulation of an earthquake.

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