Leading company in the meat sector, consumer-oriented through the highest standards of safety and quality and with a permanently innovative philosophy.

We offer consumers the ability to choose from a wide and varied menu of selected high quality products , meeting the needs of the market.
In Noel offer solutions for your lifestyle. From traditional products, manufactured with modern food technology, to the most advanced solutions in cooked dishes . Always fully controlling the process from its origin.
Noel is synonymous with quality. We have always pursued this objective: quality raw materials, process quality, quality in the finished product.
Our production structure and the expertise of our team enables us to ensure the quality of our products, thanks to the integrated control of different organoleptic, bacteriological and physicochemical aspects. The process is complete traceability, from raw materials to the delivery of products to customers. This identification is possible while maintaining the raw materials and ingredients involved in the composition during the manufacturing process. Through a strict processing, and controls applied to each stage of the process, we obtain products with high quality and food safety.


Address: Pla de Begudà, 17857, Sant Joan les Fonts, Girona
Telephone: 972 29 07 00
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