Personal coaching, organizational development and training in open.

Personal Coaching:
To live according to one’s values ??is called “congruence”, and experience in your everyday life makes you earn respect. When you live from the congruence being experienced. Be the best version of you.

Organisational development:
In the field of business, the need for people to be involved and committed to its vision, mission, values ??and objectives is now more important than ever. Development, motivation and involvement are the key elements that we promote for training and development programs designed to fit the needs of the company.

Training open:
Programs provided in the natural setting of La Garrotxa, designed to enhance the commitment, goals, preparation, creativity and motivation through coaching methodology.


Address: C/ Del Centre d’ Empreses, 1-7, 17800, Olot, Girona
Telephone: 620 882 947